On Sep 18th, Gloria and Shen Can (SubCat CEO) have attended the unveiling ceremony of the joint laboratory. In the ceremony, Gloria has emphasized the ECNUAS’s mission to educate each student in our school by providing them abundant resources and intellectual support both internally and externally. She also encouraged high school students to purse interests and participate in academic challenges and activities to become a true IB learner. 


Last year, with the support from this laboratory, six ECNUAS students (NickName: SNA) have won bronze medals in 2020 Internationally Genetically Engineered Machine competition (iGEM). In their collaborated project, these students have successfully established a dual-fluorescent reporter gene screening platform for GR type 2 diabetes lead compounds


This year, eleven ECNUAS students have started their academic journey. Their aim is to construct a type of cell-free Atrazine biosensor by combing cyanuric acid with specific plasmid to activate promoters that induce fluorescent signals. These sensors can help detect agriculture chemicals in a convenient and cheap way, thus monitoring the soil pollution in real time. This practice not only corresponds to our school’s motto as Environmental friendly campus, but truly reflects students’ IB leaner profile


Mr. Shen Can, the CEO of SubCat, has delivered a lecture to our Grade 12 students with highlights on his experience in academic study and entrepreneurship. He emphasized the impact of bio-related research on humans by telling the history of wars between scientists and virus. Also, he shared the motivation for starting SubCat: inspire high school students to participate in bioresearch by providing cutting edge technologies and support from academicians in prestigious institutes. These sharing and insights from Mr. Shen Can have not only encouraged our upcoming graduates to learn more about bio related majors, but also expanded their horizons by presenting a successful model of international students.


After the ceremony, the laboratory hosted a fun lab activity, making your own DNA necklace, to current G9 and G10 students who are interested in scientific explorations. In this fascinating activity, students managed to extract DNA by lysing their cheek cell samples and transferring DNA precipitates into DNA pendant necklaces. Look! Students were talking about DNA and Science!

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